Frequently asked questions about daff


We have collected the most frequently asked questions about daff products, materials, and the online shop. Is your question not answered here? Then just write us an email.


What is PET felt?

PET felt is felt that is not made from wool like traditional felt, but from recycled plastic bottles. The bottles are first sorted by color, cleaned, and shredded. Then the PET flakes obtained are processed into fibers. This then results in PET felt, a soft yet stable material – ideal for daff placemats, coasters and table runners. FIBERIXX is the name of our collection with products made from PET felt.

What is recycled leather?

For recycled leather, leftover leather that is incurred as waste in production is reused. In a creation process, the leather scraps are further processed and applied on to natural latex. The result is a hard-wearing material that is perfect for our colourful placemats and coasters. LEATHERIXX is the name of our collection with products made from recycled leather.

What is vegan leather?

Vegan leather is a leather-like material that is not of animal origin – our leather alternative vegan (LAV).


How do you wash felt?

Our products made of PET felt are washable or can be washed in the washing machine at 30 degrees (without spinning) and should then dry flat.

How do you clean leather?

Our products made from recycled leather (LEATHERIXX) and leather alternative vegan (LAV) are very easy to wash off. Simply put a little liquid detergent on a damp cloth, wipe it off and rub dry. The products are not dishwasher-safe.


Where does daff produce?

daff produces placemats, coasters, and home accessories in Germany, Europe, and China.

What does vegan mean for daff?

Our vegan products are made from materials that are not of animal origin. No animal materials are used in further processing either.