The intention of Carin Benter, owner and founder of daff, has always been to develop sustainable “LIFESTYLE ACCESSORIES“ for daily use by family and friends.

“Everything happens around the table” says Carin Benter.

Therefore, in 2001 she produced the first placemats made of the finest Merino wool in Germany which are still today incomparable in terms of highest quality, color brightness and design.

Carin’s personal philosophy „always moving“ ended up in two new product ranges which encompasses daff’s strategy regarding sustainability, environmental awareness and innovation.
Two new collections have recently been developed: daff.Tischapplaus and Tisch’affairs by daff made in Germany.

These are focused on two separate target groups. “It is important for our company to evolve constantly as a responsible enterprise and take advantage of new, innovative materials and production processes. But with all new developments we will never compromise our requirements of all daff.products with regard to quality, design and functionality.” says Carin Benter

daff’s objective is “we capture the table”.