Sustainability at daff

Yes - that is our commitment to sustainable action.

For us, sustainability is a matter of honor. We are firmly convinced that everyone can make their contribution to greater sustainability. Whether avoiding plastic in the oceans by recycling PET bottles or using leftover leather – the search for sustainable materials for our daff placemats and coasters resulted in strong, new ideas with FIBERIXX and LEATHERIXX. That leaves you wanting more! We are working intensively on starting points – on a small and large scale – on how we can make daff even greener.

Colourful placemats made from old plastic bottles or leather scraps - this is how sustainability is fun!

Yes we care.

We consistently check the manufacturing process of our products from a sustainability perspective: Where and under what conditions is the raw material manufactured? How is the transport for further processing carried out? What additives are used for further processing? How do we design the packaging? Which provider do we use to send our goods to our customers?

Yes we do.

We consistently use recycled cardboard (80%) as well as paper-based tape and mailing bags for our packaging. And we are always on the lookout for – from an environmental point of view – innovative options for packaging and shipping.

Yes we love.

We love colours. When colouring our materials, we make sure that only environmentally friendly colours are used.